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Marketing Suport  Services

Marketing Support Services
up to 1200 Search Engines
Register Your Site with up to 1200 Search Engines

Drive that all important traffic to your site!

Do you have the time to figure out how to work with and register your site with up to 1200 search engines?

FCS Internet has already done the leg work.
Let us, register your site for you for only $15.00!

Please note, not all search engines are applicable to all sites, submission numbers vary, but will not go below 900!

We can only guarantee that your Web site address is submitted to the various search engines and directories. However, once your address has been submitted, the search engine or directory site will determine whether to post the site or not.

The position of your site address in a search engine will depend upon the relevance of your site content to the subject matter being searched for. Search engines usually determine internally the order that sites will be listed in.

Meta tags are HTML keywords that help search engines to determine the content of your Web site. It is recommended that you have your meta tags in place but not mandatory in order to list your Web site with a search engine. If you choose to usemeta tags, you must create them yourself.

The html TITLE of your page is of great importance to search engines, make sure it is relevant and contains keywords

Search engines / directories that are fee based for submission (ie. Yahoo!, LookSmart) are not included for obvious reasons in this submission.

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