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WebSite Marketing Tips

Tip 1

This feature from Poor Richard's Web Site News newsletter

45 Places Your URL Should Be Seen or Heard
1. Answering Machine
2. Address labels
3. Billboards
4. Brochures
5. Business Cards
6. Catalogs
7. CD ROM Presentations
8. Christmas Cards
9. Classifieds
10. Company/Personal Cars
11. Coupons
12. Co-Workers
13. Checks
14. Envelopes
15. Existing customers
16. Fax sheets
17. Flyers
18. Freebies & Giveaways
19. Friends
20. Interviews
21. Invoices
22. Leaflets
23. Media Kits
24. Newsletters
25. Newspaper Ads
26. On Hold Messages
27. Packaging
28. Personal Mail
29. PhoneBook Listings
30. Postcards
31. Posters
32. Press Releases
33. Print Ads
34. Products
35. Promotional Materials
36. Radio Ads
37. Receipts
38. Reorder Forms
39. Sales Letters
40. Stationery
41. Storefront
42. Television Ads
43. Trade Shows
44. Uniforms & Hats
45. Your Home
For more information view http://PoorRichard.com/newsltr/.

Tip 2

(This feature has been selected from a series of newsletters written by Peter Kent, author of PoorRichard's Web Site. Peter Kent offers extremely useful and immediately applicable solutions to Web challenges.)

"Look for fans and Enthusiasts"
You may have noticed that there are people on the Internet who get so involved with a particular product that they feel the need to set up a Web page related to that product. They're so enthusiastic about the subject that they just have to tell other people. They set up Web sites that explain everything they know about the subject, and list links where you can find out about everything they don't know. There are people with Web pages related tot he Pegasus and Eudora e-mail programs, to Microsoft Word, to various sports teams and television programs.

You should keep on the lookout for people like this, people who seem really to appreciate your products and services and who may host a Web site related to those products and services or who may want to do so. These people are well worth cultivating; they're the best sales people you could ever want ­ disciples almost. You should keep these people happy; listen to them, send them free samples, get to know them and keep them informed. Such people are very valuable to your promotional campaign, and shouldn't be ignored or allowed to lose interest.

"What Are They Saying About You"
You can use research to discover not only what other people are doing and saying on the Internet, but what they are doing or saying directly related to you and your Web site.

In other words, you are going to search for you. For instance, let's say I am Mr. Coca-Cola, and I want to know how my little soft drink company is doing on the Internet ­ what people are saying about it. I can do a series of searches that will find out which Web pages link to my web pages and what people are saying in newsgroups and mailing lists.

For instance, go to Alta Vista and search for your domain name. I searched for cocacola.com here, and found 5000 documents containing cocacola.com domain name. The nice thing about Alta Vista is that it doesn't simply catalog Web sites, it indexes every Web page it can find. So if the text cocacola.com is somewhere in the page ­ including a link ­ it will find it for me.

You'll want to search a variety of things: your domain name, your product names, your name and the names of your company's executives, and so on. You can also do a preliminary search for product names you might be considering, to see if anyone else out there is using them.

© 1998 by Top Floor Press & Peter Kent. All Rights Reserved. For more information view http://PoorRichard.com/newsltr/.

 See who links to your web site.

Tip 3

Forrester Research: Strong Content Means A Loyal Audience

The core ingredients necessary to build and maintain a loyal, online audience are strong content on a site that is easy to use and quick to download, according to Forrester. The findings are based on a survey of 8600 US households.

Forrester Reseach asked users why they returned to their favourite Web sites. High quality content topped the list, cited by 75 percent of users. This was followed by sites that were easy to use, 66 percent, with a quick download time, 58 percent, and frequently updated, 54 percent.

There was a dramatic fall off in the other factors that effect how a user decides his favourite sites. These were coupons and incentives, 14 percent, favourite brands, 13 percent, cutting edge technology, 12 percent, games, 12 percent, purchasing capabilities, 11 percent, customisable content, 10 percent, and finally, chat and BBS, 10 percent.

The most common way to locate a Web address was through search engines, 57 percent, email messages, 38 percent, Web sites, 35 percent, word of mouth, 28 percent, magazine ads, 25 percent. Other Web address sources were TV ads, 14 percent, periodical articles, 11 percent, vendor catalogs, 11 percent, newspaper ads, 9 percent, banner ads, 7 percent, radio ads, 2 percent and mail ads, 2 percent.


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