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Computing Links

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  • Ask Mr. Modem
  • Beta Books - cutting edge computing titles 3 months prior to publishing
  • Bob Cerelli's Windows95 Page - A nearly complete reference manual for the Windows95 operating system. This obviously isn't an official site, but Mr. Cerelli does seem to know what he's talking about. The main part of the site provides information on installation and configuration, applications, and networking. Other sections include tips and tricks, software, an ActiveX index, and HTML info.
  • COAST Security Hostlist - The largest index of computer security and related links on the Net. Sponsored by the COAST Laboratory at Purdue University, the page lists various publications, conferences, cryptography sites, intrusion detection info, and security agencies and organizations.
  • Computer Book Review
  • Computer Virus Myths
  • Coronado Enterprises Tutorials - these tutorials are designed to get you up to speed and actually programming in the language of your choice fast.
  • Developer.Com
  • Dummies Daily Want to get more out of your computer? Here's the fun and easy way to learn about computers and the Internet! Sign up and every business day you'll get a clear, informative computer tip, delivered directly to your e-mail box.
  • e.support Home Page - the e.support program, a joint effort between the SSPA and Touchstone Software, is a customer support solution that enables PC users to request technical support, via email, for any hardware or software problem, anytime - 24 hours a day.
  • HTML Goodies
  • Introduction to C Programming - A step-by-step tutorial for beginning programmers who want to learn C. The course covers everything from branching and looping to binary files, with lots of example programs along the way.
  • inquiry.com - a resource for programmers, Webmasters, and others in search of answers to their technical questions. Includes discussion forums where you can pose questions of any level to industry experts.
  • Ken's Dictionary of Computer Standards
  • The PC Friendly Internet Page
  • SupportHelp
  • TechWeb Technology Encyclopedia
  • UNIX help
  • vrml.sgi.com - An introduction to the world of VR for users and developers. Created by Silicon Graphics, vrml.sgi.com offers a tutorial on VRML basics, a gallery of VR objects, and an extensive developer resource collection. VRML pros will also want drop in on Cafe VRML, a bulletin board for the VR community.
  • W3C Reference Library
  • Windows95 Annoyances
  • Windows95.com
  • WinUser: The One Stop Windows Resource - The one stop resource for Windows users on the Internet. This site offers Windows users the most comprehensive compilation of information and resources available online.

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