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Health & Medical Links

Health & Medical Links
  • Alzheimers.com - practical information that supports prevention and treatment of the disease.
  • American College of Gastroenterology - Here you'll find digestive health tips on matters such as dietary fiber, swallowing and heartburn, nutrition and aging, and gallstone disease, to name a few.
  • American Journal of Nursing
  • AMA - American Medical Association - this site includes AMA Physician Select - locate a doctor using the AMA's gold standard database of over 650,000 physicians. Includes Medical Science and Education links; Advocacy & Communications links; and many other links.
  • American Psychiatric Association
  • Betty Ford Center
  • Cancer Research Foundation of America - The Cancer Research Foundation of America wants to offer some online advice on preventing cancer. Includes recipes for health eating and info on how to reduce the risk of six different types of cancer.
  • CDC Foundation - supporting the mission of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Doctor Directory
  • Doctor's Guide to the Internet - Patient Edition - If you're trying to research a specific disease or malady, this site can be a good place to start. In addition to news of recent developments, there are well-researched pointers to other Internet repositories of medical information.
  • GeoHealthWeb - this info-dense site from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy "is an opportunity to contact hundres of thousands of people in the health care market and participate in cutting-edge software, public/private conferences, online continuing education, professiona/association services, drug information databases, consumer and professional surveys, virtual meetings and a world of health care support services". Users must first register (for free) before logging in. The site provides access to info in areas such as medicine, pharmacy, nursing, allied health and consumer info. Professional medicine is at the fore here.
The Merck Manual of Medical Information   Marilu Henner's Total Health Makeover   1,001 Health-Care Questions Women Ask

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  • Global Emergency Medicine Archives - This Net-based medical journal is a superior effort. With contributions from several print journals and government agencies (i.e. Centers for Disease Control), GEMA has created a valuable Web resource. Visitors can take a look at a report on AIDS Mortality Among Women, or at papers examining how San Francisco's homeless use emergency medical services.
  • Global Health Network - an ambitious attempt to prevent disease by linking health care professionals around the planet. This Web site presents their slightly breathless vision: instantaneous access to massive amounts of medical data, advances ranging from telemedicine (consultations with remote doctors) to disease prediciton in large populations (by monitoring and forecasting diseases much the same way we do with weather). This site has gathered world-wide health links and resources, from the World Health Organization to BIREME, a Latin American health center, to U.S. State Department Travel Advisories. The number and variety of resources and contacts here is very large.
  • Go Ask Alice - Part of a broader Columbia University site dedicated to health issues, Go Ask Alice, combines helpful information with a personal, irreverent tone. visitors to the site can leave anonymous health-related questions for "Alice," the on-line personality of Columbia's Health Services division. Past questions and answers have been archived for easy browsing.
  • HealthGuide Online - this site "is dedicated to helping you, the health care consumer, get the information you need to make educated health decisions for you and your family." Some recent issues covered were depression, schizophrenia, and the needs of new mothers. Links to other health-related sites.
  • Healthy Ideas - a collaborative effort by Women's Wire and Prevention magazine. With comprehensive sections such as "House of Natural Healing," "Weight Loss Central," "Quick and Healthy Cooking," and "Children's Health Beat," the site does a great job of addressing health issues for the entire family.
  • Heart Home Page - This site is the primary source of information about the prevention and treatment of heart disease.
  • Lifeline Health Page - a hip and vivid online guide to healthy lifestyle choices. It's produced by Lifeline, "a company that provides high-quality, cost-effective employee health and productivity improvement programs and resources". This site's highlight is the online version of the Lifeline Newsletter, with features about such good-advice topics as "Never Put Anything in Your Ear" and "Stopping With Antilock Brakes". The Lifeline Library features a large collection of brief health-related write-ups covering nutrition and health topics such as antioxidants and vegetarianism. Both English and Spanish-language versions available.
  • Medical Mall - You'll find lots of good advice about keeping kids healthy and strong on this site. Though created by Dr. Chris Landon's Landon Pediatric Foundation "for the benefit of the children of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties," families everywhere will want to bookmark Medical mall for its well-stocked collection of pediatric health care information. One highlight is the Ask Dr. Landon Page, where you can leave questions for Dr. Landon to answer online; you can read the thorough replies to FAQs on such childhood health issues such as bedwetting, the Croup, and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Medical mall also has a strong commitment to public health, offering downloadable immunization guides and schedules to educate parents about the importance and timing of having their children immunized.
  • Medicine Box - this site has the info on the cure for what ails you. The site was designed to disseminate pharmaceutical company info featuring consumer education literature and illness information. The Remedy Corner will include patient pamphlets on medications such as pain relievers, anticoagulants and muscle relaxants. Generic and brand names listed by category. The Ailment Center tackles the conditions that require such medications, drawing on a variety of references to provide information on everything from cancer to pregnancy. Some subjects, such as Alzheimer's Disease, are covered in detail. Consumers can also join the "Coupon Club" to hear about drug discounts.
  • National Association of Downs Syndrome
  • Online Health Network - Created by the Mayo Clinic, this site is a great collection of health and wellness literature, publications and info. Visit the Newstand to browse the Mayo Online Health Magazine, which covers a variety of medical issues from common vision problems to stroke prevention and recovery. Or hit the Library for Health Education Topics write-ups.
  • RxList - Neil Sandow, Pharm.D., created RxList to allow onliners to find fast, basic pharmacologic information. The simple search tool lets you type in the name of the pill or potion in question; it then searches is database and cross-references findings by commercial and generic name and drug group. Don't worry, if you can't pronounce the medicine, let alone spell it -- the engine has fuzzy logic, so misspellings won't deter its path. The site also has a useful link list. Your friendly neighborhood pharmacist it ain't, but RxList is a good resource for quick research.
  • Shape Up America - by C. Everett Coop
  • Wellness Interactive Network - features the Health Information Highway, a medically specific search engine accessing the top Medical Gopher Servers, Medical E-Mail User Groups, Medical Databases and thousands of health, fitness and medical information resources on the Internet.
  • WellnessWeb - Thorough reports on dozens of health issues are available here, as well as extensive sections devoted solely to a few high-interest topics such as prostate cancer and smoking. There are also links to Web sites related to general health issues.
  • Western New York Disabilities Forum - The WNY Disabilites Forum is a group "dedicated to the discussion of issues related to physical, mental and emotional disabilities." Browse a concise summary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and get guidelines on your rights to access public facilities. Link to a wealth of other disability texts, including a valuable guide for parents of disabled children. Pointers to related Usenet Newsgroups will connect you with like-minded communities.

PLEASE NOTE: FCS Internet does not recommend the above sites as anything other than augmentation to physician care