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Internet Reference for Newcomers

Internet Reference for Newcomers
  • Break the Chain Where would we be without those intelligent, motivated people who selflessly toil to make the Web a saner, safer place? Probably drowning in vacuous get-rich schemes, child cancer hoaxes, devastating email viruses, and Nordstrom cookie recipes. Before you spam out that next chain email, visit this helpful watchdog site to pick up a few pointers: "From simple e-mail etiquette to advice on how to research a possible hoax, our web site contains a wealth of information that will make you a smarter, wiser, and more courteous user of e-mail." Amen.
  • An Overview of the World Wide Web - have you been doing some surfing and finding all sorts of interesting things on the Web - but you are not quite sure how it all works - this is the place for you! Online 'seminar' helps demystify the Web
  • DALnet IRC Servers A list of DALnet IRC servers, EFnet IRC servers.
  • Internet Literacy Glossary of Internet Terms
  • Netdictionary - an alphabetical reference guide to technical, cultural, and humorous terms related to the Internet
  • Newbie.NET - helps newbies to become 'knowbies', a high-density information and tutorial service for new Internet users.
  • Remote Log in with EWAN Telnet
  • The Entire Collection of USENET FAQs This has copies of many of the FAQs currently available for Usenet, organized by newsgroup. Be aware, just the list of FAQs is around 100K bytes and could result in some problems if your browser isn't set up properly! Thisis also an ftp site, so you may access it via ftp if you chose.
  • World Wide Web FAQ - frequently asked questions (with answers, of course!)
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