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  • ACLU Freedom Network
  • American Bar Association
  • The Internet Lawyer - Internet Lawyer says it navigates the Web for the legal profession. Yet it's extensive legal affairs archive should appeal to non-lawyers who for any reason have a need to know about the law.
  • Journal of Online Law This online publication offers scholarly essays about law and its interaction with cyberspace. This site brings legal style into the 21st century. Hyperlinks provide the connection between text and footnotes so a reader can easily navigate through the needed information.
  • LawCrawler - WWW Law search, powered by AltaVista
  • Law Finder
  • The 'Lectric Law - a very complete law library on the web
  • The Legal Survival Website - For a wide range of free legal info -- from how to find a lawyer to how to start a business -- with a minimum of legalese. The Legal Survival site also offers to e-mail its newsletter to you.

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  • AllPolitics - Time, the first news magazine, and CNN, the first 24-hour news channel, join forces to explore the new electronic medium. Besides delivering news, AllPolitics aims to alter the political landscape by reconnecting jaded citizens with their leaders in online forums.
  • The Big Vote - this survey is more fun than meaningful, as you can tell from the opening salutation, "Vote now, vote often". Categories range from politics to "geeky things".
  • C-SPAN's Congressional Directory - Congressional directories don't get better than this. C-SPAN's listing of members of Congress and the committees they serve on -- long a staple for journalists -- comes to the WEB.
  • The Capitol Steps
  • EMILY's list - political network for democratic women
  • First Amendment Center - The First Amendment Center expands its online service by providing a daily review of legal developments around the country. You'll also find links to court decisions and Internet resources.
  • In Search of Tocqueville's Democracy in America - Retrace Alexis de Tocqueville's exploration of Democracy in America, courtesy of C-SPAN. The two-volume 19th Century study of the American people and their political institutions is frequently quoted because of its lasting insights.
  • The Mary Matalin Show - features well-known tv and national political strategist, Mary Matalin, discussing a full range of issues. Guests include governors, senators, congressmen, journalists, authors and newsmakers.
  • Memoirs of a Libertarian Lawyer
  • Online NewsHour - @ the Capitol - keeping an eye on the 105th Congress
  • Politically Incorrect - website for Bill Maher's famous (infamous?) sense of humor
  • PoliticsNow
  • The Unofficial Rush Limbaugh Page
  • Slate - Michael Kinsley's online political magazine

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