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Other Sources

  • 401k Forum
  • Advisor Works - AdvisorWorks is unique in that it offers a forum for Registered Investment Advisors, Certified Financial Planners and others who manage people's money to meet, share ideas and participate in question & answer sessions. AdvisorWorks also provides a member database for networking.
  • Bloomberg Business News - this 24 hour news radio station now comes to the Internet through Streamworks real time audio player. The broadcasts are live. Financial Market Reports updated every 20 minutes.
  • CNNfn
  • DBC Online - stock updates (delayed 15 minues; a premium is charged for real-time quotes); latest financial and world news. DBC's service allows you to build your own portfolio, tracking the progress of your favorite stocks.
  • Dollar For Dollar - financial strategies for the average family.
  • Dun & Bradstreet A source of business information, specifically financial reports and credit ratings. There are also pages with samples of market research information and other services D&B has to offer.
  • E-Line Financials - Financial and Investment Information
  • Edgar - Investors too often ignore a basic source of information on the stocks they've put their money into: the wealth of data that companies must disclose in their filings with the SEC. Thanks to the SEC's Edgar (electronic, data gathering, analysis and retrieval) system, if you have a Web Browser you no longer have an excuse for not scanning those quarterly and annual filings. But searches on the SEC site can be finicky. Also, unlike some fee-based Web sites, documents on the SEC site aren't available the day they are filed, although they are free to inspect. (Site review by the Wall Street Journal.)
  • Finance Wat.ch - find exchange rates, stock market data, and even an online training course in futures and options. The regularly updated hotlist brings you the newest financial sites. This site brings into reach everthing from derivatives to a financial glossary.
  • FreeEDGAR - providing free access to fundamental financial data as it's released to the SEC.
  • GreenJungle a free educational resource site for investors, clients and professional investment advisors.
  • Invest-O-Rama - excellent starting point for financial research on the Web
  • Investor Guide - free, comprehensive resource for individual investors. The site includes an organized, annotated directory of link to thousands of great investment and personal finance sites.
  • The Investors Supersite
  • Lexis-Nexis A major on-line database of legal and business information. This is a commercial service that requires you to have an account before doing searches.
  • Money and Investing Update This site was created by the Wall Street Journal. At any time during the business day, you can log into this service and get articles analyzing the latest swings of today's trading. You can also get material from The Asian Wall Street Journal and The Wall Steet Journal Europe, as well as Dow Jones newswires sprinkled in.
  • Motley Fool
  • NETworth - slick site with mutual fund database and stock quotes
  • One Share of Stock, Inc. - specialty mail order firm that provides the service of purchasing and framing single shares of stock.
  • Online Business Magazines
  • PC Quote Stock Quote Service - 20 minute delayed stock quotes from the major US exchanges.
  • RCM Financial Site - over 1,000 pages and 67,000 links
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Security APL Quote Server A searchable database of stock information, especially prices as of the close of the previous trading day. Also has a Market Watch page which has 15-minute delayed composite information, updated every half hour. No charge.
  • StockMaster at MIT The experimental StockMaster at Massachusetts Institute of Technology spits out historical price/volume charts for stocks trading on U.S. market.
  • The Syndicate - Compare your portfolio with a professional's by checking out Warren Buffett's top holdings. Links to more than 1000 finance pages. Check the scorecard showing the change in seven key investment indexes during the last calendar year.
  • VR Business Brokers - The VR national network of independently owned franchises has thousands of businesses for sale and has sold over 30,000 businesses nationwide
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Online Discount Investment Brokers

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Mutual Funds

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  • Bonds Online - useful resourses on investing in Treasuries, corporates, municipals and bond mutual funds.
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